I am an aspiring publisher, writer, photographer, and student. If you are looking for my resume then I suggest that you move on to this page. That should give you a better look at all my past experience and professional qualifications, but what it won’t give you is a peek at the person behind the webpage. That’s what this page is for.

Some Basics

  • I love everything to do with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This love has grown to include movies, television shows, book retellings or adaptions, and artwork! I have even gone as far as to get a tattoo that shows my love of all-things-Alice.
  • I am told that I read quickly. Last year I hit 116 books for the year. This year I am hoping to reach or surpass 120 books.
  • As a photographer I have always preferred Canon or Sony over Nikon.
  • Musicals are a real weakness of mine.
  • I fully believe in getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • I could eat pasta every day if it wouldn’t have horrible dietary consequences.
  • I always have at least 5 Halloween costume choices every year.
  • I am an animal person, but I have a specific soft spot for cats. Especially these two:


My Story:

I guess I should start with where I come from. Unlike the ongoing debate of the chicken and the egg I have a clear starting point. I grew up in Colchester, Connecticut. The only thing that anyone should know about Colchester is that it is a sleepy little town that has way too many pizza joints and an overabundance of trees. This is a great town to grow up until I turned 18 years old. After that there wasn’t much to do, but run away to college (although sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I ran away to the circus instead).

That was when I started at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU), located a whole twenty five minutes down the road. While at ECSU I met professors that inspired me and showed me that my love of reading could be turned into more. The biggest inspiration by far was Lisa Rowe Fraustino. I enrolled in every class I could that she taught and even conducted an independent study with her in my junior year. After graduating ECSU I embarked on what I like to call “my generationally required lost retail years”. I spent two years working first at Best Buy in multiple positions and then at the Wireless Zone as the office assistant. During these two years I filled my day with people watching and my nights with writing and reading, and while I do not wish to repeat my retail experience it did leave me with many funny stories and lessons learned. Its incredible what you learn when no one thinks you’re watching. Just think about that the next time you go shopping (insert evil laugh here).

It was Robert Morgan, a close friend of mine, that spurred me to escape my lost-retail-years when he took me on a tour of Emerson College in Boston for their Masters in Publishing and Writing Program. He had always encouraged me to chase my dream and like many other millennial retail workers I had lost sight of that dream; to work in publishing. I wasn’t even aware that there were programs like this available to me. So after for the tour I started to do research into programs similar to Emerson and what my research showed me was that there wasn’t really another program like Emerson’s. So in the spring I filled out my application, got my letters of recommendation (major thank yous to those that wrote one for me), and sent out my transcripts and test scores. For a reason unknown to me, but known to others or so I am told, Emerson accepted me! Of course when I got the email I was obliged to immediately do a happy dance in the office. So only a few months later I found myself in a new home, new job, and new school. I even did an internship on top of everything else that first semester. Since moving to Boston I have learned so much from the program, but I have learned even more from my classmates, coworkers, and yes even roommates.