An Open Letter to My Little Sister on her Graduation Day

An Open Letter to My Little Sister on her Graduation Day

Dear Munchkin,

I am sure that after reading the title of this post that you are expecting some mushy, heartfelt letter on this all important day of your young life. So true to my word this letter will have all those things, but I will attempt to control my tears (no promises as far as your actual graduation though).

I would like to start by saying that it has been a privilege, even when it was also a bit painful, to watch you grow and mature to the point that you are at today. Starting with those first running steps you took to try and chase me down the hallway I knew that you would keep me on my toes and that I would never really be alone. After all that is the core of what a sister is, someone that is always there for you. I hope that you’ve forgiven me for the subsequent years following your toddler years when I morphed into the average angsty teenager. Everyone does it, it just so happened that when I became that obnoxious, self-involved, teenager you were a young child who just wanted to play with your big sis, or as you called me then “Sissy”. Eventually I grew out of that nasty face, just in time for you to enter your own preteen angst.

Which brings us to today; your High School Graduation. High school has been one turbulent ride for everyone, but even when times got the very opposite of fun you persevered and continued on. I especially took pride in watching you grow and teach others to grow at Taekwondo. So as you walk onto the football field and take your seat at graduation I want you to remember a few things:

  1. BREATHE. I know you will be inexplicably nervous and there will be a lot of faces around you and in the crowd, but without oxygen you’ll be having bigger problems than nerves. So breathe and if thats not enough, try to find our faces in the crowd. A few smiles from your loved ones can do wonders on nerves.
  2. Once you feel that sense of accomplishment that will surge through you and carry you into the clouds, hold on tight for the ride and remember that feeling, because there are only so many moments in life that you will get to feel that.
  3. Smile for everyone to see. While this day si about you, the ceremony is a joint celebrate between you and your loved ones present. So expect pictures and expect eyes on you, because everyone there will be remembering this day and these moments for a long time.
  4. Wear sunscreen, an outdoor graduation is not kind on the skin.
  5. If you’re going to wear eyeliner, make sure it is waterproof. Tears will happen today.

So basically all that is left to say is that I love you and look forward to your graduation today.





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