Mitts and Coal: Brothers by Circumstance

Mitts and Coal: Brothers by Circumstance

There are two faces that everyone who ventures on this website should probably know. Their names are Mitts and Coal. They were adopted by my family at the Connecticut Humane Society in Newton, CT in August of 2011. We had arrived to the Humane Society with the intent to adopt ONE cat and after looking at a few rambunctious kittens we made the decision that we were more int he market for a young, but full grown cat. That’s when my father chimed in and mentioned that he had noticed a black cat in one of the cages that looked engaged. So they brought in Coal, who immediately pounced on the toy feather in my sister’s hand. After a few minutes of entertaining my sister Coal jumped on my mother’s lap, made a few turns, and settled down in a purring puff ball in my mothers lap. We were sold. His pictures are below:




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Of course the best things are unplanned, because as we were finishing up Coal’s paperwork I wandered by the sick kitten room and saw the below kitten curled up with a black kitten in quarentine:


I then informed my mother that we had to bing home Mitts, the kitten, as well. Of course Coal would need a friend and it just so happened that the volunteers at the Humane Society had informed me that Mitts would require another cat in the home. What Luck!


Soon enough Mitts grew up so now he looks a little more like this:



And together they look like this:




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