What does an administrative assistant have in common with a magician?

What does an administrative assistant have in common with a magician?

The answer is simple; both of these jobs require the person to do the impossible.

In August of 2014 I was feeling very stuck in retail, until a man walked into my department looking for a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera for his son to take on their skiing trips. After an hour of talking with both him and his son I had presented a complete solution to the customers and the man was so impressed with me that as I was handing him his receipt he asked, “Are you looking for a job?”.

The customer was the owner of a chain of Wireless Zones throughout the northeast. I had been looking for an office job, as the main component my resume seemed to be lacking was office experience, which I told the customer. Before I knew it I was the Administrative Assistant for the Wireless Zone in New London, Connecticut.

Since this position was at a small franchise store my responsibilities were varied to say the least. My responsibilities included the following: examining all sale invoices to ensure the proper procedure and paperwork were followed, checking any additional inventory delivered, performing a daily inventory count, assisting business customers with their device purchases or Verizon accounts, keeping track and collecting the accounts receivables, keeping track and arranging payment for the accounts payable, and assisting the manager with any special requests or daily operations. The magic part of all this was somehow fitting it all in a forty hour work week.

Let’s just say I became very good at the magic trick otherwise referred to as time management. This position taught time management, prioritization, business to business services, accounts receivable and payable procedures, and my leadership skills grew immensely in the year that I held this position.

I left in August 2015 to pursue my MA in Publishing and Writing at Emerson College for the fall of 2015. Before I left I trained my replacement and left her with a substantial how to book as well. When I left Wireless Zone I was immensely grateful for the experience and the connections I had made with some great people, who truly cared about their customers and each other.

For More information on the Wireless Zone Premium Retailer in New London, CT click here.

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