Electronic Publishing Overview

Electronic Publishing Overview

Sometimes I get the question: why do you go to graduate school? While the answer is usually an exhaustive list of practical reasons to extend my education, there is a simpler answer: Electronic Publishing Overview with Ken Gagne. This class not only offered insight into an area that I had never considered before, but it fully embraced the philosophy that graduate studies should help build your portfolio. Through this class I got to learn how to conduct a usability test, construct a podcast, consume information consciously, write html code, and build a website.

Final Grade: A

Instructor: Ken Gagne

Portfolio of Work:

Final Project: Elegant Orchid Photography Website

Word of the Week Presentation: XML Presentation

Podcast Project:

Or you can listen to the podcast at one of the below sources:

Usability Test: Bookish.com usability report

Reading Responses:



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