Book Publishing Overview

Book Publishing Overview

This class offered a step by step explanation of the process that goes into publishing a book. In the beginning of the class our instructor, Gian Lombardo, assigned each of us manuscripts of published books. Throughout the semester we used these manuscripts to create acquisition reports, design samples for the exterior and interior designs, press releases, marketing plans, author questionnaires, TI sheets, tip sheets, and P&L statements. Due to a contract that I signed in the beginning of the semester I am not at liberty to publicly post any of the work that I did with the manuscript I was given, but if anyone would like to review work from this project please feel free to contact me for a copy. Besides the manuscript project this class offered a wide variety of reading and was very discussion heavy. I have included the assignments that we completed outside of the manuscript project.

Final Grade: A

Instructor: Gian Lombardo

Portfolio of Work:

book critique

research paper

discussion questions

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