Book Marketing and Sales

Book Marketing and Sales

To say that I learned a lot in this class would be an understatement. This class covered a wide array of tasks that a marketing or sales department in a book publisher would ask of their employees including: sales calls, making TI sheets, sales conferences, and marketing plans. Along with the practical experience, our instructor Beth Ineson, brought in some very experienced and knowledgeable guest speakers that were helpful in answering any questions we might have in their area of expertise. Another requirement of this class was to always be aware of the industry news and to make it a habit to read such publications as the New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Publisher’s Lunch, and LitHub. This habit is one that has continued to stick with me long after this class was done.

Final Grade: A-

Instructor: Beth Ineson

Portfolio of Work:

Homework Assignments:

Group Marketing Plan:

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